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La Horre   (geplaatst door: Leo Olierook | datum: 2007-12-06)


Hoe weet je dat er karpers uit het meer zijn gehaald en toegevoegd?
Wil dat mededelen.

La horre   (geplaatst door: robby malfliet | datum: 2007-11-28)

Begin november zijn er een 200-tal kleinere vissen tot 7kg van het water gevist met netten. Vorige week zijn er ook nog 5 schubs uitgezet tussen 16 en 20kg.

en!!!!!!!!!!   (geplaatst door: bennie.k | datum: 2007-09-22)

en marco was het nog wat op la horre laat het ff weten of je er wat aan heb gehad aan de mais????

groeten bennie!

La Horre, wat een avontuur   (geplaatst door: Leo Olierook | datum: 2007-09-13)

Peg 11 in La Horre, France 2007

This was the second time this year that we went to peg 11 in La Horre in France to tackle the carp in the swim.
It was more difficult this time of the year ( sept ) because the weed, the hard wind and the bitchy swans became a problem.
In June their was less weed, but in sept the weed has growing above the water and there was much more floating weed ( very spikey and strong) that could put a slack in our fishinglines.
The stormy wind created a slack into the fishinglines and the building up weed on the line pulled the rig and lead into the weed under water and created a situation that the carp wasnít interested in the boilie or didnít see that lovely smelly bait at all.

On several days it was almost impossible to throw a straight line to the spot, with we wanted, without a big slack. The hard North-East wind, accross the lake, took the line in the air and an enormous slack was visible.
The swans ( five of them) became also a big problem. Not only on the day, but also on the night.
Every hour they where looking for boilies and other baits in the swim, near the rods and fishinglines.
They tackle the lines several times almost every night and the bite-indicators gived constantly a false alarm.

We heard the bite-indicators from the guys on the other pegs and they catching carp in the night, while we where fighting with the swans for a clear spot. I think we missed lots of carp in the nightssessions because of the swans.
Thatís to bad, and I think I know the answer for the presents of the agressif peanutbrain swans.
Some anglers throw after the fishsession their surplus food into the swim. ( thats a nono and see the reglements of La Horre)
The swans know this and they are going to look for it in the day- and nighttime.
On the day itís possible to send them away, but in the night itís almost impossible when you are resting in your bivvy.You are very surprised when you run out of your bivvy and you see your rods dancing around while the swans tackled your lines with their big flappy feed and their long necks. Thank the lord, my mate and friend catch the 58 and I the 41 lbs carp on the daytime
But next year is a new year and everything is forgotten.
Still we try to take an other peg ( I hope without the swans) and we try to improved the weight of the 58 and the 41 lbs carp.
I think the 41 and the 58 lbs carp are proberbly heavyer then this year, that is, if the swans do not eat all the bait out of the swim.


La Horre, wat een avontuur   (geplaatst door: Leo Olierook | datum: 2007-09-13)

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